e-werk _ event hostel Brandenburg

Aktuelle ProjekteEducational
Location :bauhofstraße 2, Brandenburg
Design :Cubus
Period :2016 - pres.
GFA :6700 m²
Services :Concept, Project Development, Grundlagenermittlung, Vorplanung

The former electricity plant e-werk should act as an example of sustainable urban development and as an energy generator for social, physical and emotional well-being. The usage concept is a hostel with event character and residential use. A water tourism network and other sports offers as well as wellness are particularly in focus.

The site of the e-plant is well connected to public transport and the old town of Brandenburg is within walking distance. In the future it will also be connected to the Buga bike path. It is framed by the Jacobsgraben, the Havel and the Brandenburg City Canal. Therefore, the e-werk is very attractive for cycle tourists and water sports enthusiasts.

The former machine hall is to be expanded as a themed hostel with approx. 20 rooms in the form of set boxes in the large room. The room of the former control cabinets will be converted into a dormitory with energy capsules. A separable and flexible event area is located in the rear part of the machine hall and offers space for various uses such as theater and concert events or conferences. Approximately 8 condominiums between 100 and 140 m2 with a loft character are to be built in the boiler house. A special form of collective living (cohousing) is planned here, with individual apartments but also communal semi-public areas as an exchange and meeting point for the residents. This is to maintain the necessary privacy, but also to create the possibility of a community. A kitchen with self-catering and dining area is planned in the southern part of the building. The public sanitary area should be located adjacent. In addition, bed and bike boxes are offered as a cycling tourism highlight. Two group rooms are provided in the northern wing of the building, which can also be rented. In addition, a bar is to be provided in the eastern part of the building. In the basement of the hostel area, use by leisure sports, fitness and sauna is planned. A large green atrium serves to illuminate the deep building complex and serves as a meeting point for the residents.

The e-werk enables users to revive and experience a monument. The existing technical installations and rudiments from the time of the building as a power plant are retained and are integrated in the design of the individual themed rooms. The topic of electricity / power plant should also be taken up in the sustainable supply of the building in the form of green energy. It is planned to operate the hostel with a combined heat and power plant and, thanks to innovative technologies (green power stations), to generate electricity through muscle power while cycling or dancing.