Conversion of former residential school into kindergarten

ResidentialSport & Recreation
Location :Dr.-Wachsmann-Straße 26, 17454 Zinnowitz
Investor :CJD Insel Usedom-Zinnowitz
Period :2015
GFA :2093 m²
Services :Draft Design, Permit Application, Detailed Design, Supervision, Interior Design

Growing up between seasons. Conversion of a boarding school into a day care center.

The 5-storey villa from the late 19th century was used by the Association for Administration, Assisted Living and Children's and Youth Housing. The task was to rebuild the second floor as a daycare center and to upgrade the entire building in terms of fire protection. The use of the building as a boarding school was reduced in favor of a day care center on the 2nd floor.

A participatory design process was used to design the day care center. In workshops, children aged 4-6 years developed ideas and worlds together with the architect in the club's own kindergarten, which were decisive for the design idea of ​​the interior design: The design approach is based on the idea developed by the children of the "changing seasons island", an island with a central golden sands on which all seasons rule at the same time.

In the implementation of this theme, symbolism was deliberately avoided, but moods were created using wall colors, furniture, flooring and materials. The daycare wardrobe became the "golden sands", the central space for the arrival of children and parents. The group rooms were designed according to the seasons. The crib children's rooms shine in fresh shades of green and blue, giving a winter and spring feeling. The rooms of the older children are thematically assigned to the seasons summer and autumn. Natural elements such as two trees are integrated in the design and structure the room. A climbing and crawling platform acts as a storage space for mattresses. Different materials and optics of the floor coverings strengthen the children's perception.

Fire protection upgrading:

In the course of the conversion, the entire building was checked for fire protection measures. Various conversion measures, partitions, replacement of doors and windows as well as the installation of a house alarm system had to be carried out. The sanitary and electrical distribution in the daycare was completely renewed, in the rest of the building in parts.